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New Patients

You’ll feel right at home when you walk into Healing Hands Chiropractic. Our comfortable environment is complemented by a friendly staff who can’t wait to welcome you. Below, you can read about what to expect during your visits with us.

The First Visit

You’ll fill out some paperwork, then sit down with Dr. Michelle. We’ll discuss what has brought you in and answer all your questions. You’ll find out what chiropractic is and then have an examination. From this process, we can determine if you’ll benefit from chiropractic care.

Please plan on spending 30-45 minutes with us and bring in a copy of your insurance card.

The Second Visit

At a follow-up, Dr. Michelle will go over her findings from your examination. She’ll detail the care plan that’s right for you. You’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment and be on your way in about 20 minutes.

Ongoing Visits

You’ll be in and out in just 10 minutes at your following appointments.

Just like going to the gym is a habit that keeps you healthy, regular chiropractic care can ensure you stay well. If you don’t take care of your spine, you’ll have health problems. A series of adjustments will make sure that you maintain your health and don’t experience a recurrence.

Schedule Your Visit Today

Contact Healing Hands Chiropractic to schedule your first appointment! We accept insurance and may have same-day bookings available.

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